This Clinical Feldenkrais BSMA lesson was written with a particular client in mind, and uploaded to share.

It is also a lesson from the Somnimoves Series , which are 10 lessons forming part of the FASTER-Sleepprogramme.

FASTER-Sleep is created specifically for problem insomnia and sleep difficulties and integrates CBT-I, Clinical Feldenkrais and Hypnotic Mindful Meditations.

This lesson is not meant to be a medical treatment for any or everybody with a clinical condition and as always, do check with your physician before you do any new bodywork, if you have any concerns.


The lesson is designed to be an exploration, in the laboratory of your life and to aid your own discoveries.

Do leave a message if you find you have any interesting responses to completing the lesson and if you want to know more about this then you can book to have a conversation through my calendar. Note time scale is UK time zone. CALENDAR LINK


For more information, do visit my website Website Jill Wigmore-Welsh


Or join my Facebook Group where you can meet up with others who are practicing Feldenkrais movement and mindfulness

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